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Get the same hosting as Netflix, Adobe, Expedia, Airbnb, Samsung, Slack, Samsung, Nokia, NASA and The US Department Of Defense use.  

  • You Get 2x or 3x Faster Page Load Times
  • Get Better SEO! Google Rewards Fast Sites
  • You Control Your Own Backend
  • Get Amazing Email Delivery Too. No More Emails Going To Spam or Junk Mail. You Can Dump Your Other Expensive Lame Email Services
  • More Up Time, Less Down Time
  • Better Security With Less Chance Of Getting Hacked

There Is A Better Way!

You Get The Best Hosting In The World
Because We Set You Up On Amazon Cloud!

Then we help make sure it runs like greased lightning!

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Why Amazon?
Because No One Else Even Comes Close!

Are you tired of spending a ton of money on your hosting service and getting a slow site?  Did you know slow load times can cause you to move up or down 5 pages on Google?

How about bad email service and still dealing with really bad delivery and bounce rates? Then to top it off,  most of your email gets marked as spam even though you are following all of the rules?

Guess what? We got fed up with dealing with all of the different hosting and email services out there just like you.

Because we worked with clients that were on nearly every hosting and email platform out there, we felt their frustration, and we saw the negative impact on their bottom line as their sites went down, were slow, and their email delivery rates kept going down as well.  So we talked them into switching over to Amazon Web Services and their pain went away.  

Amazon Spends More On Electricity Running Their Servers In One Day Than What Other Hosting And Email Providers Spend On Their Servers In One Year!

Think about this, if you have an Amazon account, when was the last time an email from them went to your spam folder?  If you are like most people, the answer is never. Then think about when the last time your heard that Amazon was down for any length of time?   Exactly, it is so far and few between it is not even funny. 

When it comes down to it when you look at cost, speed, and reliability, nothing even comes close to Amazon, a $950 Billion dollar company. The can afford to spend more money on their servers than anyone else!

No other email service can do this. Amazon only uses the best equipment and the fastest connections and you get the benefit.  The great news is that now you don’t have to settle for less!

But if it is so good, why isn't everyone using it?

Great question! We knew you were smart if you are here.

Everyone is not using it because setting up and integrating your server and email using the Amazon Cloud is beyond most business owners and even most IT companies.  Their systems take technical know how to set up right.  Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of smart businesses using them, but they typically have their own IT team in house.

Plus there is no incentive for even your Marketing, or IT company to tell you about Amazon either.

Why? Because unlike every other hosting service out there, they do not have an affiliate program that can kick back up to 50% of the monthly fees that you pay back to the Marketing or IT company that suggested that service.  I mean it is easy money for them without any work!

As long as your hosting or email works just OK and you don’t cancel the service, they still make their affiliate fee every month. So what if your load times on your site could be twice as fast and your retain 20% more customers, or your site rankings get you on the front page of Google because your site loads faster or your email delivery rates go up by 20% each time you sent out and email if you switched to Amazon?  There is no incentive, plus they probably don’t know how to get you set up anyway.

Think about this. If you IT, or Marketing Company has not told you about all of the benefits of hosting with Amazon, there are only two reasons why. 

1. They are clueless, and are not up-to-speed about how much Amazon Hosting can help you.
     If this is the case, what else are they clueless about?

2. They know about it but don’t care enough about you to explain why you need to switch over
and/or they are making money off of you from the services you are using now.

Does 1 and 2 about cover it?  Does this make sense?

The great news is we know Amazon Web services inside and out. You see for past 3 years of working with Amazon servers, their cloud, and their email services, we have developed systems to make it as fast and as painless as it can be.

So what we do is get you set up on Amazon, then we charge a reasonable monthly fee to set it up and keep it humming. Oh, and we also make sure you have the best interface software there is as part of your investment.

For about the same or less than you are paying now, you get industrial Site Hosting And Email Services from Amazon.

Click here to book a 15 minute strategy session to see if iQ Email Marketing is right for you.  The reason is so we can see what you are currently doing now, so we don’t throw in a bunch of things you do not need. After all, you will be paying the Amazon directly.  If you don’t need a Disco Ball, we are not going to include it in there like every other email service does to entice newbies with shiny objects that cost everyone money that does not need them..  We will just include the things that you need to do what you do even better!

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WordPress Special

Great For Single Sites That want great Performance. Get Set Up So All Of Your Emails Go In And Go Out Using Amazon Servers!
$ 39
97 /mo
  • We Put You On One Of Huge Industrial Strength Amazon Cloud Instances And Is Great For WordPress Sites That Need Performance And Reliability
  • You Get Access To State Of The Art Security For Your Site
  • We Give You Access To Hundreds Of Site Designs From Elementor
  • Includes The Best Membership Software Out There
  • You Can Also Run Your Store With WooCommerce
  • You Access To The Best WordPress Plugins Out There To Help You Get More Business And Have An Awesome Site. These Would Cost You Over $100 Per Month Alone
  • Your Emails From Your URL Won't Go To Junk Or Spam
  • All Email Sent From Your URL Go Through Amazon Email Servers
  • Can Be Set Up With Outlook, Thunderbird, Or Practically Any Other Email Platform
  • We Help You Set It Up And Walk You Through The Process!
  • You pay Amazon just 10 cents per 1,000 emails. That is just a $1 for 10,000 emails that are nearly guaranteed to get to the inbox
  • Runs On cPanel Because It Is The Best
  • Free Set Up, Installation, And Migration
Great Deal

Amazon Heavy Duty Server

Run Multiple Domains From This Instance. You Are In Control. Includes Amazon Email Set Up
$ 199
97 /mo
  • Works Great For Startups And Small Business That Want To Build Their Business But Not Break The Bank
  • You Get Access To Every Thing In The Lite Package Plus Your Own Autoresponder Software. Think Mail Chimp Or One Of The Other Services At A Fraction Of The Cost
  • This Is Your Own Cloud Instance
  • Includes The Upgraded Version Of The Best Membership Package And You Have One of The Most Comprehensive Email Suites Available
  • Free Set Up, Installation, And Migration

Amazon Industrial

Run Larger Sites, Plus Your Own Emails, Autoresponders, and Newsletters From Your Own Amazon Server. Starting At Just
$ 249
97 /mo
  • Includes Everything On The Heavy Duty Server With A Lot More Horsepower
  • Free Set Up, Installation, And Migration

Look How Much You Can Save On Just Emails Alone!
Compare the costs to send 10,000 Emails/Newsletters

iQ Email Marketing is the only one you will be able to manage from the back of your WordPress Website as well.

We also include setting up all of your domain emails so they don’t go into spam or not even make it to your customers inbox at all and be blocked by Gmail and labeled as spam by most email software.

You see most email services include all types of things that they count on most people never needing our using.

That vast majority of businesses just need to make sure that they get weekly emails out to their list and make sure they get delivered.  You do not need multivariate, dynamic segmentation. 

But that sounds cool right?  Even if you do need those things, we have you covered and you will be using Amazon for delivery, not some second rate email provide with all kinds of rules. 

Let’s face it, if they are not Amazon, they are on a second or third string team.

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